In My IPsy Bag

Every month I get a little bag that contains 5 beauty products for only $10.83! This month I was so excited to get my bag and love most of the products in it. 

The first product is the Adsense New York Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm. I love this lip balm if I don’t feel like wearing lipstick or my lips are just to chapped I put this on and it still gives my lips a little sparkle. 

I also received the Colourpop Crème Gel Liner in black. This liner stays on even when my eyes a watering non stop! 

Also in my bag was the Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter. This highlighter is amazing it gives by the right amount of shine that I need for my everyday look. 

I received the Glamour Dolls XOXO Lisa Frank brush. I am actually going to be giving this brush away no fault of its own I just don’t need another brush. 

And lastly the H2O+ Beauty Elements Keep it Fresh Face Cleaner. I did not even try this product just because I have oily skin and did not want to chance it with this hydrating face wash. 


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